How to Migrate Mailbox from Thunderbird to Office 365?

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Many organizations are now switching from Thunderbird to Office 365 or desktop based email client to Cloud for the growth and development of their business. As many business users want to access their email data from anywhere over internet.

People use smartphones, tablets for personal and business purposes and want to access their mails.

But, Thunderbird can’t provide this facility. Due to this reason, everyone search a solution to migrate mailbox from Thunderbird to Office 365 cloud platform.

If we talk about Mozilla Thunderbird, it is a free and open source cross platform email client. It uses the MBOX file format for storing mailbox data. Each mailbox messages are stored as a single, long, text file in a string of concatenated email. So we will import MBOX to Office 365 to accomplished this task.

Now, coming to solution of the user problem “How to import Thunderbird mailboxes to Office 365 account?


How to Perform Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration?

Read this article till end! Here you will get solution for this!

Know Manual Methods to import Thunderbird Mailbox to Office 365

Thunderbird to Office365 migration with manual method is a quite challenging task as there is no direct method to migrate Thunderbird to Office 365. You have to follow these steps to understand the process.

Step 1: Convert MBOX to PST

Micosoft provides solution to import PST file of Outlook email application into Office 365 user account. So, before migration task you need to convert MBOX file.

Step 2: Migrate PST to Office 365 using Network Upload

  1. Copy the SAS URL and install AzCopy.
  2. Upload your PST files into Office 365.
  3. View a list of the PST files.
  4. Create the import mapping file.
  5. Create a PST import job in O365.
  6. Filter data and start the PST import job.

After completing all the above steps the import job gets finished and the status for the job is set to accomplished. You can clearly above manual procedure has multiple phases that further includes several steps which are tedious to perform.

Some more limitations of this method to migrate Thunderbird to Office 365 are listed in subsequent section.

Shortcomings of Manual Approach to Import Thunderbird Mail to Office 365

  1. The process is lengthy and time-consuming.
  2. It is a very complicated method as it requires technical skills.
  3. It may contain some data integrity issues like data breach and data loss.
  4. This method is not effective for Thunderbird to Office 365 migration.

Important Note- There is no guarantee that with this technique you will be able to achieve complete and accurate Thunderbird Mailbox to Office 365 migration. To export thousands of bulk mailboxes from one platform to other we will need a professional tool which is explained in more detail in the below section. This utility helps to overcome all these above limitations. Go ahead!

How to Migrate Mailbox from Thunderbird to Office 365?

You can easily perform this task with automated MBOX to Office 365 migration tool. With this tool, you can migrate multiple Thunderbird mailbox files to Office 365 at a time.

It is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Know Working Steps of Tool to Perform Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration

Run the software and then follow these few simple working steps:

Step 1. Select “Files & Folder” option to upload MBOX File.

Step 2. Choose “Office 365” option.

Step 3. Next, choose with and without impersonation option.

Step 4. Enter “Office 365 id” & “password” and click on the “Login” button.

Step 5. Apply “Date Filter” for selective data migration, then start the process.

Why Tool to Import Mailbox from Thunderbird to Office 365?

Here are some reasons why one should choose this tool over the manual method.

  1. It migrates the multiple Thunderbird Mailboxes to Office 365 in bulk.
  2. It maintains the folder hierarchy.
  3. It has a specific date range option.
  4. It is designed with and without an impersonation option.
  5. It can also import deleted emails from MBOX files.

Summing Up

Both manual and automated processes were discussed above for a business or individuals users. But we have seen some limitations for the manual methods due to this we recommend a professional software to migrate Thunderbird mailbox to Office 365. It enables perform Thunderbird to Office 365 migration within a short duration of time.