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Best Ways Explained to Solve PDF Content Copying Not Allowed Issue

Summary: Several PDF regular users face some kind of issues like “PDF content copying not allowed” and many more. Hence this article focuses more on these types of issues and explains the solutions which can help users to resolve multiple issues similar to this one. 

There are more than 2.5 trillion PDF files in existence, according to Adobe, the owner of one of the most widely used PDF editors. Given how many people must work with PDFs on a regular basis, this is unexpected. PDFs do have their drawbacks, though. These papers aren’t always the easiest for users to utilise and require special software to edit directly.

If you are trying to access a PDF file is shows that PDF content copying not allowed, then, surely you are trying to copy the text data from a restricted PDF file. Hence, this guide is for you as it makes you go through the simple methods to get the PDF file text data.

Let’s look at how to make the most out of this while keeping all the complex things aside.

What Solutions Will Help Users to  Enable Content Copying in PDF?

This section explains the methods with their steps involved, in order to take the selective text data from PDF files. Decide the type and size of the file and follow the below-mentioned methods and their steps of execution :  

Take off Copy Restrictions Using The Adobe Acrobat 

  • Normal PDF Files 
  1. Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and view the Document Properties.
  2. In the Document Properties->Security and go through the Document Restrictions Summary.
  3. Check and confirm the status of the Copy option, if Disabled (Not allowed) then reverse it.
  •  Secured PDF Files 
  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and check the Document Properties.
  2. In the Document Properties, navigate to the Security section and turn it to “No Security” in Security Method.
  3. Enter the password, after typing the password the mode of security will change to “No Security”.
  4. Go to the Document Restrictions Summary section and enable the PDF copy option.

Note: Generally, there is some free online tool that provides an instant facility to copy text from a PDF file. However, there are some tools which don’t function as per the expected results. Moreover, data integrity issues also arise, for quick process completion users might compromise their data. Therefore, it is advised to use trustworthy software like the one which is discussed in the next step. 

PDF Content Copying Not Allowed Use the  Expert Suggested Solution

When it comes to copying the specific text or image from a protected PDF file. It gets difficult when you don’t have the password. However, you can use the PDF Password Remover Tool to get rid of the copy restriction as it unlock secured PDF for copy paste purpose also, it helps to remove other restrictions like “Editing, Printing, Signing,” and Owner level restrictions. To view PDF files, this programme does not need any application installed on the computer. Moreover, the best in-demand tool works on both the Mac & Windows OS.

To enable content copying in PDF in a simpler form using the tool, check out the below steps:

1: Initially, launch the utility once downloading it to enable copying from Adobe PDF files. Then begin the inserting process using the Add File/Add Folder.

pdf content copying not allowed

2: Check for the secured files and type the password for those ones or skip this step also, select the Save or Print option.

3: Then, under the destination path section, set the file saving path and hit the Next button to move to next step.

4: Once the option has been chosen and the path is set, then press the Unlock Button to begin the process and eliminate the problem of PDF content copying not allowed.

pdf content copying not allowed

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This blog post described how to enable content copying in PDF. It featured the manual approach that covered every situation in which the user faces the issue of PDF content copying not allowed. Additionally, we have discussed software that automates the entire process of removing restrictions and enabling PDF files to copy the required text.