Unlock Secured PDF For Copy-Paste – An Affordable Best Solution

Jason Florek | Modified: 2021-03-08T20:20:54+05:30 | PDF

Won’t your PDF let you copy and paste? Is it protected with a permission password? Don’t worry! Read this blog and learn how to unlock secured PDF for copy-paste so that you can easily copy text from protected PDF.

And..you will NOT need a permission password to do this.

Also..you WON’T require an expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Because I am about to tell you the best affordable Acrobat Alternative!

Want to Copy Text From Protected PDF – Use This Offline Tool

PDF Password Remover Tool recommended by DataHelp is an offline software to remove restrictions and user-password from PDF files.

For Your Knowledge – You can skip this part if you want!

Before we get into the specifications of the tool lets us have a look at two types of PDF security measures.

Adobe PDF, also known as Portable Document Format, can be protected in two ways – Either you restrict activities on the PDF file which requires you to set the permission password (master-level security), or protect it with a document open password so that only people having the password can see the PDF document (user-level security).

Most importantly you should know if you use the Adobe Acrobat Pro application to unlock secured PDF for copy-paste you are going to be needing a permission password.

But what happens sometimes usually that users forget their permission password or they simply don’t have permission to do any change in the document!

Therefore the given software is the perfect deal for you. Because it does not ask you the password to remove restrictions.

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However, you should remember to remove Document Open password from the PDF file you will have to provide the subsequent password.

This software can remove the following restrictions:

  • Copying
  • Editing
  • Printing
  • Signing
  • Commenting
  • Document Assembly
  • PDF Form Filling
  • Template Creation
  • Extraction (Text, Images, or Attachments)

Now let us see how!

How to Unlock Secured PDF For Copy-Paste Using The Tool

You don’t need any technical skills to run the tool as it is designed with a self-explanatory interface:

Unlock Secured PDF For Copy-Paste

Step-1: Insert PDF documents having copying restrictions or any other restriction using Add File(s) or Folder(s) button.

Step-2: Mention other specifications like the destination location if you want to save the resultant PDFs in the system only. Otherwise, you can choose to Print.

Step-3: Press Unlock to get rid of restriction.

Technical Specification of The Tool (version 4.0)

Currently Available For Mac (MacBook/ iMac) & Windows 10 & below

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB of free space required



Bottom Line

The above-mentioned tool is the perfect answer if you are looking for a way to copy text from protected pdf. It is an offline tool that can easily unlock secured pdf for copy-paste. Do not worry about formatting, spacing, or any page layout issues because this tool is programmed to give you error-free results. Also, it is a powerful tool that can process multiple PDF documents at once. The free version is also available!