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How to Restore/Repair Corrupted PDF File Adobe? Get The Best Ways Here

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On August 18th, 2023
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Summary: Are you having a damaged PDF file and are unable to access the data from it? Well through this article we will be explaining to you how to repair corrupted PDF file Adobe using some useful methods.

Adobe Reader users frequently face issues like PDF file corruption, which results in losing vital text data & information. So, here we have discussed some ways to fix corrupted PDF files on Windows 10 and Mac OS. The methods for opening damaged PDF files are discussed more in the section below. But before that Let’s have a look at the user query.

User Query: Hi, I’ve been working on applications for a few projects, and I’ve stored the crucial data as a PDF file. But when I examined the PDF files, they wouldn’t open. I don’t know what happened; they may be tainted. So, I need to know some tried-and-true methods to repair corrupted PDF file Adobe. Please let me know if there is a professional fix for the huge PDF file.

Main Reason For PDF Files Corruption

Regular PDF file user experiences different issues and one of them is file corruption. So here the some of the common issue under which a PDF document get damaged/corrupted.

  • Improper System Termination: Sometimes the user terminates the system when the PDF file is either open and not closed or the system goes off due to sudden power failure, under these circumstances PDF files get corrupted.
  • Using an Incompatible PDF Reader: Due to incompatibility issues with the Adobe Reader version, trying to open the file in that application leads to corruption.
  • Virus Attacks: Any kind of malware or virus attack can corrupt PDF document files.
  • Interruption in Download Process: Improper downloading of Adobe files due to any interruption leads to file corruption.

Under these circumstances, a user might end up in a situation where they require to repair corrupted PDF file Adobe.

Fix Corrupted PDF Files on Windows  and Mac OS Using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

There are some of issues which can be resolved by updating the existing Adobe application. Your Reader/Adobe Acrobat version must first be checked to see if it has been updated. If not, kindly update it because the older version occasionally does not support newer versions of PDF files. To do this:

  1. On the system open Adobe Acrobat or PDF Reader
  2. Then go to the Help option and look for any software updates available
  3. If the latest version is available, then update it.

After updating the application try again to open the PDF file on the updated version. If you still experience that it’s not working, then you can try another method which is explained below.

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A Quick and Alternative Way to Repair Corrupted PDF File Adobe

If the user thinks that the above-mentioned technique is not satisfactory and is not able to open A damaged PDF file, then they can opt for the PDF File Recovery Software. This single-functioning tool is the perfect solution when a user requires to fix multiple files that are damaged. Using a manual process for this will not be an ideal way.

Hence this tool is suggested to use which comes with advanced features like Auto Scanning the files, the option to repair selected or all files, maintaining original formatting, and recovering text and images. Apart from this, the tool supports both Mac OS and Windows OS.

Let’s move to the process of repairing the damaged PDF files.

Guided Process (Steps) to Repair Corrupted PDF File Adobe

  • Firstly, download and open the utility on the local system and select the Load PDF option for inserting PDF files.

repair corrupted PDF file Adobe

  • Once adding the files, the Auto scanning will be started and once on process completion window will be displayed.

auto scanning process

  • Post-process completion, the tool will show all the PDF database. Then, press the Save PDF option to save the repaired files:

repair corrupted PDF file Adobe

By following the quick 3 steps user can be able to fix corrupted PDF files without losing any data or occurring any problems.

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Through this post, we have discussed the causes of why PDF files get damaged and what could be the solution to repair corrupted PDF file Adobe in an easy way spending less time. Here, we have talked about the manual way of using the Adobe Acrobat application and if there are no still issues then the user can go for the second solution (Automated) which is covered under this post. Consider both and use the best one.

Common Questions Asked

Q1. How do I fix a PDF that is not opening?

Using the manual methods or the automated solution mentioned above, you can easily repair corrupted PDF file Adobe.

Q2. How I can use this tool to recover my amaged Adobe PDF file?

You just need to find those files and insert into the tool after installing it on the system, based on the corruption level it will repair and recover the data you want.

Q3. Does the software impose any file size restrictions to repair file which are damaged?

No, the utility dont have any limitations on file size, you can add several PDF files at once time.