Resolve Mac Outlook 2011 “Authentication Failed. Error Code 17897” in 3 Steps

admin | July 27th, 2017 | Mac outlook

Outlook is among one of leading mailing clients of Microsoft Inc. and it is available for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Mac Outlook email client generates OLM file that save the data like mail messages, notes, journals, and address books, etc. It is not wrong if we say that OLM file archives or creates backup files that are very helpful in resolving problems. Mac Outlook mailing service is integrated with multiple features that make the life of users easy. But, in contrary to it the situation changes when it comes to certain error message. Let’s get more close to the topic:

Sometimes, we come across Error Code 17897: Authentication failed because MS Outlook did not support the Authentication Method Available

Users come across this error while sending mails from Mac Outlook and it is affected due to Authentication issue. Moreover, if you are receiving or sending the mails and email error Authentication Failed Error 17897 in Mac Outlook occurs it means that the account is missing or there is authentication problem. It can even occur if your SMTP port is also not present. It even occurs if Outlook configuration is missing and authentication drop down box is set to none. In those situations, this may be reason of error.

There are many ways through which the error can be resolved. There are few ways through which you can fix Mac Outlook 2011 Error code 17897. So, go through the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue:

Process 1 Verify the Account Settings

If the users have configured Outlook for Mac, in such option, users can verify configuration settings and just make sure that the settings are correct. If you have correctly marked the authentication details then you can proceed to the next step.

Process 2 Rearranging the Authentication Mode

For this, you need to set the authentication mode to execute steps mentioned below:

  • Open Mac Outlook, Click on Tools>> Accounts. Select Mailing account>> Click More Options>> Outgoing Server
  • If the Authentication Status is set to None, click on dropdown list and select Use Incoming Server Information and Click OK and Save the updated settings.

    If the Authentication is set to use Incoming Server Information, then click on the dropdown and click None and click OK.

  • 3. The current Incoming Server is different, and provide the credentials i.e., user name and password for Outgoing Mail Server and then Click OK

Once you reset the authentication mode is set to default, then you can send the mail once again. If this method is not working, try the other approaches mentioned below:

Process 3 Do Changes in SMTP Port

After the users reset authentication mode, try sending the email again. In case, if the user is unable to send the mails then make changes in system likewise:

After following all the steps mentioned above, close this window.

  • Now, once again make an attempt to send an email. If you are still unable to Open MS Outlook
  • Choose Tools>>Accounts
  • Select the desired account and mark checkbox. Override the default port that is below Outgoing Server
  • Type port number as 587
  • Use SSL to Connect after marking the checkbox
  • Complete all the steps mentioned above and close to main window

Send/Receive mails once you implement the changes in your settings after restarting Microsoft Outlook 2011.


From the above-mentioned write-up, it is clear that this error occurs only in Mac Outlook 2011. This error occurs when you trying to send an Email in Outlook 2011 and you received Authentication failed – (Error code 17897) error message from Outlook. To resolve this error you need to follow above given solutions.