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How to Transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud? A Step-by-Step Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On October 23rd, 2023
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Transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud

In Summary: Nowadays, moving data from one email client to another has become a common practice. Like moving Hotmail to iCloud. Because Hotmail is locked somewhere in the matter of data security. Therefore, today we will tell you in this technical guide how you can transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud.

Table Of Contents:

We will tell you what are the reasons behind transferring contacts from hotmail to iCloud. And what is the technology to export hotmail contacts to iCloud? So, without wasting any time let’s start the process of importing hotmail contacts to iCloud.

Moreover, first, take a look at all the reasons why the user wants to move all the contacts of Hotmail to the cloud. Let’s see.

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Transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud – Benefits

There are many reasons why everyone wants to move Hotmail contacts to iCloud. So, we have listed below some of the main motives.

  • iCloud is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem, making it easy to access and manage your contacts across iOS, macOS, and other Apple devices.
  • Plus, iCloud has extensive backup and security measures that ensure your contacts are safe and quickly accessible in the event of device loss or data contamination.
  • When you use iCloud your contacts will automatically sync across all your Apple devices, keeping your information up to date.
  • Transferring your Hotmail contacts to iCloud allows you to access them on both Windows and Apple devices, giving you more options.

After knowing all the reasons. Let us move on to the below part to learn about the solutions to transfer all the contacts from Hotmail to iCloud. So, let us start with the solution parts.

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Move Hotmail Contacts to iCloud – Solutions

As we all know in today’s time Hotmail is not used much. Also, it has been changed to Outlook.com. There are three ways to transfer hotmail contacts to iCloud, which we have described below in a better way, so let’s follow all those steps to import hotmail contacts to iCloud.

Method 1: Export Outlook.com Contacts in CSV Format

With the help of the steps mentioned in this section, you will save all your Hotmail contacts in CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format. So, follow the steps given below to start the process.

  1. To get started, “Sign in to Your Hotmail Account”.
  2. Then, navigate to the upper left corner menu and pick “People”. choose people to save hotmail to icloud
  3. After that, click the “Manage Contacts” button. hit on the manage contacts
  4. To move contacts from Hotmail to iCloud, select the “Export Contacts” option. pick export contacts option
  5. Then, to convert Hotmail to CSV format, choose “All Contacts”. select all contacts option
  6. To transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud, select the “Export” option. click on export to transfer hotmail contacts to iCloud

The Contacts.csv file and all of your Hotmail contacts will be downloaded to your local computer after you click on the Export button. Now, let us move the below part to convert the Contacs.csv file into VCF format.

Method 2: Convert Contact.csv to VCF – Automatically

The steps described in this section will convert the exported Hotmail contacts csv file into VCF format. For this, we will use Excel Contacts Converter. Through this software, you can save all your contacts which are in CSV format in VCF as well as PST, PDF, HTML, vCard, CSV, TXT, and MSG without any problem. Also, this tool is available for both Windows and Mac users.

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Let us follow the steps of this tool moving forward

  1. To begin, Download and Run this Tool. run software
  2. Then, to “Add an Excel File“, click the “Browse” button to transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud. choose browse button to add excel csv file
  3. After that, select an “Export Option” and a “Destination Location“. choose export option
  4. Finally, to begin the export process, click the “Export” Button. click export to transfer hotmail contacts to iCloud

By following the methods till now, we have extracted our Hotmail contacts in CSV files and converted them to VCF format with the help of trusted software. Now we will import the contacts.vcf file into iCloud by following the last steps.

Method 3: Import Resulatnt VCF File to iCloud

Through this method, we will import the VCF file of our Hotmail contacts into iCloud. So, to do this follow the steps given below to transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud.

  1. To begin, “Log in to Your iCloud Device” on your computer.
  2. Then, to move Hotmail contacts to iCloud, select the “Contact” option. select contacts
  3. Then, press the “Gear” button and choose “Import vCard”. choose import vcard
  4. View and import the Step 2 contact vCard. To import Hotmail contacts to iCloud, choose the “Open” option. export Hotmail contacts to iCloud
  5. The iCloud device will begin importing all Hotmail contacts saved as vCard or VCF files. Open the Settings app on your iPhone once the contacts have been imported.
  6. Click on the name of your iCloud account to pick it up.
  7. Then, activate the “Contacts” option to effectively transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud. done to transfer hotmail contacts to iCloud

Here our three types of steps are finished.

Note: If you want to backup contacts as well as Hotmail emails, calendars, and other mailbox items. So, you use the Hotmail Backup Tool. Through this, you can save your Hotmail mailbox items in EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF, & PST formats in just a few clicks. You may also be able to back up Hotmail accounts.

Time to Wind-up

Finally, transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud streamlines your contact management, enhances synchronization, and adds a layer of security to your data. The process mentioned above is simple and can make your digital life more organized and convenient.

In this blog, we have explained three steps to import hotmail contacts to iCloud, which are different steps. We have also described the reasons for exporting hotmail contacts to iCloud. If you want to back up the Hotmail mailbox along with transfer contacts from hotmail to iCloud, then use the tool mentioned in the note.