Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail: Problem Decoded

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-10-06T18:17:22+05:30 | Gmail

There is an issue that users cannot download attachments from Gmail. As we know, Gmail is the most prominent mail service in today’s era. But there are some consequences that every mail faces.

Because of its speed and reliability, Gmail is the most widely used email program. That isn’t to argue that Google’s webmail juggernaut is without flaws. It, too, has flaws, ranging from slowing down to not receiving emails on occasion. Another common issue is that Gmail users cannot download attachments.

If you’re seeking for a solution for why I cannot download attachments from Gmail, we’ve put up a list of useful workarounds that will assist you in resolving the problem. Let’s get this started.

Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail: Why?

Your Gmail not downloading attachments for a variety of reasons. Because it’s possible that you won’t get the sender’s attachment. Some of the most common reasons for Gmail not letting me download attachments are discuss in this section of the article.

  1. Gmail’s Confidential Mode
    If the sender selects Confidential Mode when sending the message. Then you won’t be able to print, download, or save email attachments. There is no solution to fix your problem if Confidential Mode is enable in Gmail while sending or receiving emails. So, to download the Gmail attachment, ask the sender to disable this option.
  2. There is Insufficient Storage Space
    The attachment will not be receive if your mailbox is full of extra e-mail messages and your storage capacity limits to only a few emails. Incoming e-mails are automatically denied by Gmail service providers if there is insufficient storage capacity.
  3. The Attachment File is Very Large
    Sending and receiving emails with huge attachments is not possible in Gmail. To send or receive files greater than 25 MB, we recommend using Google Drive and sending the file’s location in an e-mail.
  4. There is a Virus in the Attached File
    Always do a virus scan on any attachment you’re going to accept or send. Gmail will frequently reject a file if it contains a virus, trojan, or other malware to protect its users from infection.

Manual Methods for Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail

You are certain that you received the attachment, however you can no longer download attachments from Gmail. Then you can opt for one of the following manual solutions:

Clear the Cache in your Browser

Clear the browsing history, cache, and trash files from the user’s web browsers before attempting to download the attachments again.

Antivirus should Turn Off

It’s possible that your antivirus software is preventing items from being download to your computer via your Gmail account. Attempt to switch off the antivirus settings from Antivirus Settings on a trial basis.

Look for a Browser that is Supporting

Google services aren’t supported by all browsers. Try switching to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or another browser if the user is using a browser like Maxthon, Opera, Vivaldi, or another.

The Current Browser has to be Update

If the user is using a supported browser version, it recommends that they update to the most recent version. From there, go to Help or Settings and upgrade the browser version.

Turn Off the Labs Options

Gmail laboratories include a variety of experimental settings. If the majority of the lab settings are enable, turning off a couple of them may resolve the “cannot download email attachments Gmail” problem. The procedures to disable labs settings in Gmail are listed below.

  • Click the Gear Icon, then Settings, then Labs in your Gmail account.
  • Select Disable radio buttons from the lab options menu, then Save Settings.

Why I Unable to Download Attachments from Gmail?

Even if the user uses the manual method to download Gmail emails and they can’t download attachment from Gmail. It could be as a result of one or more of the following factors:

  • The file format you’re trying to open isn’t recognized.
  • A fault with the application or a bad file association.
  • This is a compressed file.
  • The sender uses a Mac, whereas you use Windows.
  • A file has been corrupt.

Expert Solution for this Query

Many customers are experiencing identical issues in various browsers; some support Google, while others do not. If you unable to download attachments from Gmail in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser,  DataHelp Gmail Account Backup Software can help you address the problem quickly. DataHelp Gmail backup utility, for example, allows users to extract attachments from Gmail in bulk.

Note: This tool does not extract attachments separately. It downloads emails with attachments.

1. Gmail Backup Software can be download and installed on your computer.

Home screen of software

2. Enter your Gmail account’s username and password, then click the Login button to verify your account.

Login button for Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail

3. Choose the Category of items from your Gmail account that you want to backup.

Select the Category for backup

4. Choose an email format for saving the emails and a location for saving the backup.

Browse destination to save backup for Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail

5. To activate a folder or date-range filter, use the Apply Filter option, then hit Start to start the backup.

Apply Filter option or Date range Filter

6. The utility will start the backup process, and the status will displays on the tool window.

 preview the status in the tool window for Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail

7. This will generate a backup report and save it on your system once the backup is complete.

Tool will generate the backup report and save it in system

Wrapping Up Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail

We hope you now understand why you could not download attachments from Gmail. We’ve supplied two options to address this issue: the first is a manual strategy that takes a long time and requires technical assistance, and the second is an automatic approach that downloads all Gmail emails and attachments without issue. Using the DataHelp Gmail backup Software, you can store your Gmail attachment to your computer’s local hard drive.