Download All Attachments from Gmail and Save Locally

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The verified solution to download all attachments from Gmail. Simply read this post and understand the steps to extract attachments from your Gmail account.

Attachments of an email are even more important than an email message itself. And it’s simple to download them from your Gmail account. This is only when you are trying to save all attachments of a single email.

But, downloading all attachments from multiple emails in a Gmail account is a bit cumbersome task. Because Gmail users need to open every email and one by one download attachments files from each email message.

Due to this being such a hectic task, many users leave their crucial email attachments like Bank statements, invoices, contracts, bills in the Gmail account itself.

We come up with a trusted and verified solution to download all attachments from a Gmail account without any hassle.

Steps to Download Attachments from Gmail

There are two steps to extract attachments from Gmail. You have to perform both steps.

Perform both the steps as explained below section:

Step 1: Create MBOX File Using Your Gmail Account

There two solutions available to create an MBOX file. You can follow either of them.

  1. Use Professional Software 
  2. Use Google Takeout

You can use either of the methods. But the professional utility will help you to complete the task in simple states and also provides a secured solution.

Create MBOX Using Professional Software

The quickest method of saving Gmail attachments is by using the Gmail account backup tool. This utility will download all emails with an attachment from a Gmail account to a desktop. This way you will have both emails and attachments side by side. Additionally, you can use those emails and attachments to any desktop-based email client whenever needed.

Following are the steps to download all attachments from multiple emails:

1. Download and Run the Backup utility as Administrator

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2. Login into the Gmail backup tool and proceed with authentication

3. Select the Category of data to download as Email

4. Choose the email format as MBOX and set folder filter (if required)

5. Browse the destination location to download and click on the Start button

And, you are done! Simple isn’t it? All the emails with attachments from Gmail emails have been successfully downloaded on your system and saved in MBOX format.

Use Google Takeout to Create MBOX File

  1. Login to Your Google Account and click on Manage Your Google Account
  2. From the list do mouse Right-Click on Data and Personalization 
  3. Find Download Your Data option and click on it. After that check the Mail option.
  4. Now check delivery method Frequency: Export Once, File Type and Size: .zip, at last click on Create Export.
  5. You will receive a download link from Google into your Inbox (Same Gmail Account). Click on that, after downloading, extract the ZIP file. You will get MBOX file in it.

Note: – Extract attachments from Gmail, first step completed here. Now you have an MBOX file. Move to step 2.

Step 2: – Extract Attachment from Gmail (Created MBOX File)

In step 1, you have created an MBOX file from your Gmail account. Now use the below-listed utility to extract only attachments.

Download and Install Software on Windows OS:

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Step 1: – Launch the Software and click on the Add File button.

extract all attachments from Gmail

Step 2: – Browse the MBOX file, which you created in step 1. All the added files can be seen like this. Click on the Next button.

save gmail attachments only

Step 3: – Browse the destination location to save extracted attachments on your computer.

download attachments from Gmail

Step 4: – Wait till the Attachment Extraction process completes to 100%. Visit the same location view all extracted attachments.

download attachments only

Now you have successfully completed the process to save attachments from Gmail. Visit the provided location and view all attachments. The perfect way to download all attachments from Gmail simultaneously.


In this blog, we have explained the perfect way to download all attachments from Gmail multiple emails in one go. You can follow the steps and simply save only attachments from your Gmail account.

The explained workaround will help you to deal with any size of Gmail mailbox. Follow the steps and extract attachments from Gmail.