Want to Import Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook? Try This Simple Solution

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Information transmission is the main reason why we use new technologies like email, instant messaging, etc. Hence, it is very normal that we all end up with a large contact book, which we don’t want to lose. Most of us prefer Excel files to manage our contact information because they are easy to use and can comprise a large amount of data.

But, there come times when we have to contact people through email and to do so, we need to open our Excel contact list each time. When the Excel file gets larger, it starts loading slowly and entering contacts one by one feels very hectic.

convert excel to outlook contacts

How Do I Import Contacts From Excel to Outlook 2016?

Therefore, we recommend Excel file users to import Excel to Outlook Contacts or any other email client they are using. Well doing this isn’t that simple and sometimes users end up with losing whole contact list in this process. That is why today we are going to show you the simplest solution to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook. So, let’s get started!

Note: The method below to convert Excel to Outlook Contacts is applicable for all Outlook versions including, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

Importing Email Addresses From Excel to Outlook

If you have an Excel file with multiple contacts, there is a simple way to upload Excel to Outlook, so you don’t have to enter them one by one while emailing. The complete export Excel file to Outlook contacts conversion process is categorized into two major steps:

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Step 1. Make Excel File Outlook Compatible

If you have saved your contacts in Excel file formats like XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, XLT, TXT or any other then, you cannot directly import Excel to Outlook. For this, you must have to make Excel file compatible with Outlook and this can be done via converting Excel to vCard file format.

Why vCard?

vCard aka Virtual Business Card or Electronic Card is a standard file format to save contact information digitally. After converting your Excel contacts to vCard file format, you can import it in several email clients and access it from your Windows as well as Mac platform. Later, you can edit your vCard files to add more contact info like Photos, Audio Clips, etc.

Follow the steps to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook:

• Download and run Tool to Import Excel Contacts to Outlook

• Click on Browse button and select the Excel file from your computer. Click Open

from excel to outlook contacts

• The software will load the file and preview contacts will all attributes

excel to outlook contacts

• Click Next and Map Excel Fields with vCard Fields. Hit the Next button

import email addresses from excel to outlook

• Select the vCard version and other required options. Click Convert

convert excel to outlook contacts

• Excel contacts to vCard for Outlook conversion will begin right after this and once done, click Yes

export excel file to outlook contacts

• Eventually, navigate to the destination location and check the vCard files

import excel contacts to outlook

Step 2. Import Excel to Outlook Contacts

Now, you have vCard files and you can simply import Excel contacts to Outlook account. Follow the steps below to do so:
• Open Outlook application and click on the File tab
• Highlight Open & Export option and choose Import/Export

importing email addresses from excel to outlook

• Select Import from another program or file option. Click Next

excel to outlook

• Choose Import a vCard File (.vcf) and click on Next

import excel to outlook contacts

• Go to the location and select the vCard file converted in Step 1. Click Open
• Let the Excel to Outlook contacts import process completed successfully and click on Outlook Contacts icon. All the Excel contacts are now available in Outlook Contact list

Final Words

This article explains how do I import email addresses from Excel to Outlook. The software mentioned here supports to convert all type of Excel files so, no matter in which Excel file extension your contacts are saved as it works to convert all. The solution to convert Excel to Outlook contacts is simple and can be implemented by all technical, as well as non-technical users without any assistance.