How to Backup Webmail to Outlook?

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Are you looking for a solution to access or backup Webmail emails to Outlook? – if the answer is yes! Then you are visiting the right place. Here we will describe methods to download & backup Webmail emails to Outlook importable format.

Let’s start from the beginning!

Webmail is a cloud-based email client that is installed on a web server. There are many hosting providers are available which provide email facilities with hosting some email clients are Horde, RoundCube, etc.

So, in this blog, we will provide methods to download emails from cPanel webmail to Outlook. Keep reading for a detailed solution…

How do I Download Emails from Webmail to Outlook?

To make a backup of Webmail emails into Outlook importable format there are two methods available 1- Configure Webmail to Outlook email client, 2 – Download emails from Webmail into Outlook importable format.

If you are technical Greek then you can go with the first method, but if you are not a technical person then you have to go with the second method. Let’s start from the method first to backup Webmail to Outlook.

1: Configure Webmail to Outlook Email Application to Download Emails

By configuring Webmail with Outlook email application you can save into Outlook email client. Here we will explain how you can configure Horde Webmail with the Outlook email application. Follow the given steps to do this task.

Step 1: Open Outlook email client, go to “Account Settings” then select “Email” and click “New”.

Step 2: Now, go to “Add New Email Account” and choose your specific email server. Then click “Next”, “Manually Configure Server Setting” click on “Next”.

Step 3: Click on “Internet Mail” click on “Next” and enter the user name, email ID & password.

Step 4: Click on “Test Account Setting”, after that Outlook will start the connectivity test. Once the test is completed click “Next” and “Finish”.

After successfully configuration you will get all Horde Webmail emails data into Outlook importable PST format in local machine.

Webmail configuration with Outlook is a solution to download emails from Webmail to Outlook. If you faced any complication with the method you have to follow the second method to take a backup of Webmail in the Outlook email application.

2 – Download Emails from Webmail into Outlook Importable Format

There are many webmail provides are available like AOL mail, Gmail,, etc. some web hosting providers also provide webmail like RoundCube, Horde mail. So, in this section, we will describe a solution to download emails from different Webmail.

1: Download RoundCube Webmails Emails to Outlook –

RoundCube Webmail provides an export facility in which we can download email data from RoundCube to local computers as an EML file format. After that, we have to convert these emails into Outlook importable format. Read More…

2: Backup Gmail Webmail Emails to Outlook –

By using the Google Takeout service we can easily backup Gmail emails into the local machine. Gmail emails will be saving into the MBOX file format in the local machine. To make it importable into Outlook we have to convert MBOX to PST. For the detailed procedure Read More..

3: Backup ProtonMail Webmail Email to Outlook –

ProtonMail is also a Webmail and it allows the saving emails data into the local machine as EML and MBOX file format. You can easily backup this webmail into Outlook importable format, to do this task you have to follow step by step procedure. Read More..


There are many users who want their Webmail emails into Outlook importable format. So in this, above we have explained how you can download & backup Webmail emails into the Outlook email application. Given solutions will help to access Webmail emails into Outlook application.