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Can You Move Files from One Channel to Another in Teams? Solved

Ashwani Tiwari ~ Published: 11-Jan-2022 ~ Microsoft Teams ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Why do so many people want to know the answer to the query: Can you move files from one channel to another in Teams?

That’s what we are here to answer along with the solution to move the files. Keep up with this article to know everything you can about moving files to another channel.

5 Quick Steps to Simple Steps to Move Teams Files to Another Channel :

  • Step 1. Download & Launch the tool on your system.
  • Step 2. Select the Teams & Group options in the Workload Selection section.
  • Step 3. Enter the details for Office 365 admin account in Source & Destination.
  • Step 4. Insert User IDs for mapping in Users, Teams, Groups & Validate.
  • Step 5. Click on the Start Migration button to complete the process.

Microsoft Teams is the most popular Unified Communications platform which the competitors try to copy all the time to become better.

There is no way to explain how Microsoft has achieved fame & how it became so popular but at such a stage, the demand for more features starts making noise.

Users who want to move files from one channel to another in Teams may have various reasons behind their needs.

Before moving to the method for transferring the files, let’s see why users want to move them.

The channels, typically, stay put in the same location while there are times when a user creates another channel in another team to start things again.

Sometimes, channels consist of thousands of conversations & files. There are various tabs that allow you to perform a vast array of functions & integrations.

Asking a user to forgo a channel is not practical.

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Answering: Can You Move Files from One Channel to Another in Teams?

Well, to answer this question neutrally, we would say that there are two types of news i.e. Good & Bad.

The bad news would be that it is not possible to move channels on the MS Teams application. But, the good news that covers it all is that we have the Professional Microsoft Teams Migration Tool which is capable enough to move the data easily.

Download for Windows Purchase Now

Let’s first take a quick glance at why this tool is called a professional solution & find out what it offers.

Professional Tool to Transfer the Files to Another Channel

The tool to answer “can you move files from one channel to another in Teams” consists of the following features:

  • Migrate Teams, Files, Channels, Groups, Channels Chats
  • Automatically creates a new Team or Channel at the target
  • Preserves the structure of the file folder throughout the migration
  • Keeps the timestamps the same: Created & Last Modified Date
  • Provides an option to run the migration again as per requirement
  • Use Delta Migration to export the newly received data files only
  • Available for Windows OS 10 (64-bit) & Windows Server 2012 & 2016 versions

Once you are thorough with the features of the software, move to the steps.

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How to Move Files from One Channel to Another in Teams Using the Tool?

To start with the procedure, you need to execute these steps:

Step 1. Start by running the software & then, choosing Office 365 as both Source & Destination.

Step 2. Mark the checkbox beside Teams & enable the Teams & Channel creation options.


Step 3. Enter the admin credentials for the Office 365 account in both source & destination windows.


Step 4. Insert the User IDs by clicking on either the Fetch Teams or Import Teams option to get the answer to “can you move files from one channel to another in Teams”.


Step 5. Now, start creating the Teams for your target accounts.


Step 6. After that, you have to Validate the IDs & hit Start Migration to complete the process.


Step 7. Once that is done, you have to select the Mark Teams Complete option.

Note: If you want to run the migration process again, do not choose the Mark Teams Complete option. Once you do that, the tool doesn’t allow you to run the procedure again.

Step 8.  Navigate to the Groups Tab, provide the user IDs using Fetch Groups or Import Groups.

Step 9. Set the destination location, click on Validate & Start Migration to move files from one channel to another in Teams.


This Tool has Solved Various User Queries Like:

Hi, I have a few files that I want to move from my public channel to the private channel in the same Microsoft Teams. I have no idea how to do that. If Microsoft provides any solution or if there is another technique for the same, please mention it here. Thanks!

Can you move files from one channel to another in Teams? If so, please help me as I need to make a few of my channel chats public so that all of the users could learn that there are going to be a few changes in the company’s policy. If anyone knows any solution, please suggest!

Concluding Words

There are so many users who face difficulties while moving their data from one place to another since Microsoft doesn’t provide a direct manual solution for it. Even though Microsoft offers a variety of features, one thing or the other always causes trouble to the users.

Those who ask “can you move files from one channel to another in Teams” can easily understand the process following this guide. This tool is not hard to understand even if you are not inclined toward technicalities.

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