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Use Effective Ways When Your Gmail is Out of Storage

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On January 5th, 2024
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User Query: Since last week I have been getting a notification when I open my Gmail account which states that “Gmail is out of storage” and there is not enough storage available. Now I am looking for an effective and smart method to make space in my Gmail account. 

You’ve reached your storage limit and are unable to send or receive emails if you’re seeing the error message “Gmail Full storage. There is an option to get more storage from Google or clear out old emails and attachments to make space to fix the Gmail Storage Space Full issue.

Understanding What Google Provides

As we know the base Google account comes with only 15GB (Including all Google apps synced with the account) of space which can easily be upgraded in terms of extra storage space like 50 GB, 1TB etc. However, the majority of people excluding the businesses and firms are not in favour of upgrading their existing account type. However, they still require a cost-free solution to resolve the “Gmail Ran Out of Storage”.

So through this post, we will be covering some tips to ensure that a user has space in your Gmail account. If you are getting this error of Gmail account is full then go on and explore the solution we have discussed and use them to create space in your Gmail Account.

Gmail is Out of Storage Space? Reasons & Tips to Tackle It

Gmail typically provides a generous amount of storage space (15 GB for free accounts as of my last update), but users might encounter “out of storage” issues for several reasons:

  1. Huge Attachments: Sending and receiving multiple emails with big attachments can quickly fill up storage. Documents, movies, and other attachments can take up a lot of storage space.
  2. Archived Emails: Despite appearing to be outside of your primary inbox and being archived, emails still take up storage space. When you archive something, it just takes it out of the main view but keeps it in your account.
  3. Emails in the trash or spam folder: They can still use up storage space until they are removed completely. Users occasionally neglect to empty these folders routinely.
  4. Sent Emails: Email copies can also take up storage space, particularly if they have big attachments.
  5. Files from Google Drive: If files from Google Drive exceed a portion of your total storage limit, they may also take up space. These files may be shared with you or ones you’ve saved.
  6. Old Emails: A build-up of old emails, particularly those with numerous threads or big attachments, can cause a space issue.

The issue of Gmail is out of storage can be avoided by monitoring your storage usage and routinely clearing out your inbox.

To resolve this matter:

  1. Eliminate Needless Emails: Delete needless emails regularly, particularly those that have a lot of attachments.
  2. Empty your trash and spam folders to make room in your system.
  3. Handle Attachments: To conserve space, remove significant attachments from emails and save them to your local drive or Google Drive.
  4. Upgrade Storage: If necessary, think about moving up to a larger storage plan. Google provides a range of premium plans with larger storage capacities.

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Another Way to Use and Resolve Gmail is Out of Storage Issue?

Other than the tips we have explained, you can use the Google Takeout application which helps take out the data from Google accounts to make space. Be it Photos, emails attachments, Documents calendars Contacts etc. Just log in through the Takeout using the Google credentials and download it to fix the issue of Gmail Storage Space Full.

Use The Effective Method to Get Space When Gmail is Out of Storage

By using some manual tips one can simply get a small amount of space as they will be deleting a few email messages to create some space. However, the point i that they need to get enough space and for that users can consider the Gmail Account Backup Tool. Which helps to take backups and delete emails older than a certain date in Gmail.

The tool provides the Delete after download option that helps to create space if your Gmail ran out of storage.

  • Use this tool by downloading it, then enter the required Gmail credentials to fix the problem and make space.

login and gmail is out of storage

  • Select the Category to backup and save, as well as the Export format.

select export type and category

  • You can choose to use Incremental backup and Apply Filters. Here, you will make space while keeping a backup of the deleted items by using the Delete After Download option.

use advanced settings

  • Lastly, select where you want to save the exported file by using the Browse button. Click the Start button to resolve the Gmail is out of Storage Space issue.

gmail is out of storage

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Gmail is one of the most important email applications for communicating or sharing emails and attachments. But we also have to know that the storage is limited and once the storage gets full a notification of Gmail is out of storage space will be shown. As a  user simply upgrade and get more space. But here using some quick tips and some effective solutions can save you money for that. You can simply go through the methods that we have discussed to make space in Gmail account.