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How to Take Backup of RoundCube Webmail Emails on All Mac OS

Ashwani Tiwari ~ Modified: 31-Mar-2022 ~ webmail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to know how to take backup of RoundCube webmail? That’s why looking for a relevant solution. Then, in this article, you will get the most appropriate method to do this task.

Take a quick glance at RoundCube.

What is RoundCube?

RoundCube is a web-based email application that allows you to read, send and organize your emails. It is open-source software available to users on the cPanel mail platform.

Once you know what RoundCube is, move to the reasons why there is a need to download the data:

  • After you learn to backup RoundCube webmail, you can keep away the hackers from getting into your data or account.
  • It helps you to make sure no virus intrusions can corrupt your data entirely.
  • You can avoid losing messages from the mailbox due to accidental deletion of emails.
  • There are various attacks such as ransomware in which you cannot access your data until you pay the ransom.
  • Apply another protection layer on your emails.

Now, let’s discuss the manual methods that show you how to take backup of messages from the webmail in an efficient way. 

How to Take Backup of RoundCube Webmail Using the Manual Method?

RoundCube does not provide convenient functionality to download many emails at once.

Follow the steps below to know how to backup and restore emails in the web interface:

1: Log in to your cPanel webmail using RoundCube.

2: Now, you have to select a single email to export.

Note: RoundCube does not provide any feature to export emails in bulk. Therefore, to migrate emails user has to export EML emails one by one.

3: Select the required email, and click on the ‘More’ icon from the taskbar to backup RoundCube webmail.

4: Select the ‘Download (.eml)‘option from the dropdown list and specify the location to save the emails.

5: Finally, the EML email will start downloading automatically. After that, you will find the downloaded EML data in your ‘Downloads’ folder on the system.

6: Click on the Gear icon and choose the ‘Import messages’ option to import the data.

7: After this choose the backup file you wish to be imported and click Upload.

8: Once done, you will get a notification the messages have been successfully imported.

This is how to take backup of RoundCube webmail manually.

After extracting emails from your webmail, you have to convert those emails into the desired format according to the platform in which you want to migrate.

If you want a simpler approach with less steps, skip to the next method.

More Professional Approach to Download Emails to Local Device Quickly

Those users who want to keep their options open for a better approach, here is the Quick IMAP Webmail Backup Tool. This tool can help you download all your emails on all the Mac OS versions. 

The software has plenty of features to work with like: multiple email formats to choose from, various filters, keeping data safe, etc.

If there is a need to get more storage space or to just keep the data safe, users can download the data locally and then delete it automatically from the server. This is possible via Delete after Download feature.

Backup RoundCube Webmail With the Help of this Instruction Guide

1. Install the tool and to choose your email client, select Other. Enter the details for your account like IMAP Server & Port No. Press the Login button.

viewing modes

2. Choose the email format you want to, say PST, and click on the Advance Settings option to make use of the filters available.


3. Use the Split PST Option to break down the large sized files into GB & MB. You can also apply the Date-filter by setting a specific time-period for a selective transfer.


4. Make sure to mark the Delete after Download feature to make space after learning how to take backup of RoundCube webmail. Mark the Incremental Backup feature to download only the new data after the first backup as per requirement.


5. Press the Browse button to start navigating for a destination location. Tap on the Start Backup option.


How to Migrate RoundCube to other Platforms?

You can export RoundCube Webmail data on other platforms. Here, we have mentioned two cases. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Scenario 1: Import into Outlook

As we have already downloaded Roundcube emails in the EML file extension in the above section. And we also know that Outlook supports PST file format. So, to access your emails in Outlook, you have to convert EML to PST format and then import the PST file into Outlook.

Read and learn how to convert emails from RoundCube to Outlook PST email application in a detailed manner.

Scenario 2: Migrate into Office 365

In order to migrate emails from RoundCube to another better webmail application like Office 365. First, you need to download emails in EML files on the local machine, then you can easily migrate EML to Office 365 account.

Read a complete step-by-step process on how to migrate RoundCube to Office 365 mailbox.


In the above article, we have provided a suitable solution to how to take backup of RoundCube webmail in a completely secure way. With the above-mentioned solution, you can easily backup all your emails in your mailbox.

In addition, you can migrate your Roundcube data to other platforms by converting the email to the desired format. We have discussed the two scenarios that help you to migrate data to Outlook and Office 365 environments.