How to Restore Backup Files from USB Flash Drive – Flawless Solution

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When a user lost backup files from USB drives after exchange and transfer of USB flash drive/ pen drives. In that case, the user requires a USB flash recovery solution. How to restore backup files from USB flash drive is the instant question that appears in such scenarios.

This blog is dedicated to providing a direct and instant solution to overcome this issue. We will provide stepwise guidelines to restore backup files from USB flash drives to the user’s destined location in a straightforward manner.

Flash drives are a good backup medium for users because of their portability, inexpensiveness, durability, and easy to use features. Though the price gets higher of the good quality flash drives, still users prefer USB drives for data backups instead of the whole drive as a backup storage device.

“I am unable to access my USB drive on any computer system. I saved my backup files into it which I want to use right now. So I came to the conclusion that it is broken. I tried the Admin command prompt, but it denoted it as RAW and could not fix this format. I have a lot of files word and Excel files in it. The data size is around 28 GB, how to restore backup files from USB flash drive that has been deleted due to unknown reasons. Please suggest an authentic solution.”

Things to Do Before Recovery Process

Before proceeding to recovery please do these mandatory steps to maximize the recovery chances and scope of backup files.

  1. Stop using the USB drive instantly. Eject it safely from the system and keep it safe at some place without doing any physical damage to the drive.
  2. Do not make any modifications like adding, copying, transfer, or deletion activities. It will only strengthen the overwriting probability.
  3. Install the utility on your Windows running system and complete the installation procedure.
  4. Once you have done all of the above activities only after that go for the recovery process.

Steps to Restore Backup Files from USB Flash Drive via This Party Solution

  1. Download the Data Help Software USB recovery tool from the official site and install it on your Windows OS machine to recover deleted PowerPoint from USB.

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  2. Attach the backup file USB flash drive, and click on Refresh View to detect the drive.  How to restore files from usb drive
  3. Select the USB flash drive on the homepage of the solution. Click on the Scan button to start the scanning and recovery process.How to restore files from usb drive
  4. Let the process complete and the recovery utility will showcase all the recover hidden files from pendrive on the recovery panel. Select the files you want to export click on the Save button. restore files from usb drive
  5. Now the software will ask you to choose the location in the navigation prompt. Select the already existing folder either create a new folder and click on the OK button to start the export process. restore usb files

Note – Do not save the recover lost files from USB flash drive in the same USB from where they have been deleted or corrupted to avoid unnecessary complications for recover data from pen drive asking for the format.

Let the process complete of exporting the recovered backup files to the chosen location. After completion of the process, user can witness the confirmation message sent by the recovery solution on the screen denoting the successful completion of the process.

Hopefully, now you have learned how to restore backup files from USB flash drive in the easiest method possible.

Precautionary Steps to Avoid Deletion of Backup Files from USB Flash Drive

  • Keep Environmental Factors in Consideration as the temperature and humidity direct exposure can cause damage to USB drive firmware.
  • Do Not Treat USB Roughly like hooking with keychain and carrying it in pockets. It is a delicate device and any kind of physical bumps might increase physical destruction.
  • Remove USB Drive When Not in Use. It unnecessarily shortens the life of a USB drive. It also affects the logical stored data of the USB drive.
  • Always Safely Remove the flash drive from the system and also never interrupt the ongoing transfer and coping process.
  • Do Not Attach to Unknown Systems, this is a major cause of virus infection in the USB drive which directly impacts the stored backup files, it might eventually delete them.
  • Regularly Backup Your USB Drive Backup Files Too. With more backup file numbers you have lesser chances of loss of data due to accidental deletion or corruption of USB drives.
  • Always Keep A Recovery Solution on your dedicated system to manage any such critical issues. Choose a recovery solution that can recover accidentally deleted files from pen drive and hard drives too, additionally from the SD cards.

Final Verdict

Backup files are fail-safe in case of data failure. But what if the backup files get deleted or corrupted and the user has no other source to access the important files. In that case, users start looking for how to restore backup files from USB flash drive.

Direct third party solution is the easiest method that works effortlessly for all non-technical and computer newbies. Above all, steer clear of overwriting activities.